New High-Performance LS-EDGE Platform, Noonan “H2O” Water Jacketed Billet Hemi Engine, and the ‘All New All Out’ 4.900” Bore Space Noonan Engine to be launched at PRI Show in Indianapolis by Australian company, Noonan Ultimate Race Engineering


Three new products will be launched internationally by leading Australian race engine building and development company Noonan Ultimate Race Engineering next week in Indianapolis.

Fittingly, the launches will be held at the world-leading trade show for the performance racing industry – PRI 2016. The Performance Racing Industry trade show held at the Indiana Convention Center across December 8-10 will feature more than 1,200 exhibitors and is expected to host tens of thousands of buyers from 70 countries. These exciting new products will be on display at Booth 2541.

The staff of Queensland-based Noonan Ultimate Race Engineering will be in the United States to use the expo to officially launch the revolutionary new billet engines.

“We are very excited to once-again be a part of PRI as it really is the trade show for the performance industry,” said Jamie Noonan, Noonan Ultimate Race Engineering CEO and engine builder.

“We are even more excited to say that this year’s expo is going to act as our launch event for three revolutionary new engines that we have developed in-house at Noonan, which will offer amazing steps forward for customers looking for the ultimate in race performance.

“The products will be available immediately after the launch, and we look forward to showing event attendees around the new engines. For those unable to attend PRI, please visit for more information.”



Noonan has taken championship-winning race technology from the Top Alcohol Hemi racing categories to develop a world first revolutionary all-billet LS-EDGE Engine Platform – developed for the performance street car enthusiast or the diehard racer, it is available in both water-jacketed and solid versions.

The all new LS-EDGE billet engine block is CNC machined from a solid billet of T6 tempered aluminum. It is available fully water jacketed or solid for ultimate race applications. With high performance features like a raised cam tunnel with up to 60mm roller bearings, the customer’s choice of Cleveland or Chevy mains, a priority main oiling system, and a choice of lifter bores and more – this block is race ready right from the factory. It maintains the standard 6 bolt LS head stud patterns utilizing ½” and 3/8” fasteners and tall or standard deck heights are available with a cylinder bore up to 4.200”. Turbo pressure feed lines in the front of the valley and oil dump ports in the side of the block which work to return the oil to the sump have been built in, and the block is Jesel belt drive and RCD cam gear ready.

The billet LS-EDGE cylinder head has been designed for maximum performance. It is CNC machined from high-quality tempered 6061 T6 Aluminum and features a canted valve design incorporating 2.250” intake and 1.610″ exhaust valves with beryllium seats and optional stainless hoop rings on the deck face.

“While this ultimate performance head maintains the standard LS head stud pattern and is fully compatible with all existing LS blocks, the canted valve design creates a unique shape and when paired with the matching billet valve covers offers an impressive looking setup,” said Noonan.  “It is fully compatible with off-the-shelf T&D rockers, and water and solid versions are available depending on the requirements of your application.”

Billet intake manifolds to suit your naturally aspirated, turbocharged or supercharged application are all available to complete the LS-EDGE cylinder head package.




The first of it’s kind for the High Performance Street Car Market- Noonan’s all new all-billet Water Jacket Hemi.

The technology that has turned Noonan customers into champions on the race track has been applied to the high-performance street car market with the introduction of a first-of-its-kind all-billet water jacketed Hemi engine block.

“We are thrilled to bring our trademark attention to detail to the high-performance street car market in 2017 with the world’s first all-billet Hemi street car engine,” said Noonan. “We have taken our championship-winning Top Alcohol Hemi engine architecture and built the water around it to ensure maximum performance.

“The H20 cylinder heads use the same USA-made Beryllium seat material as our race specific cylinder heads and also offer the same 2.480” /  1.950” intake and exhaust port configuration as our world’s fastest Top Alcohol Funny Car Noonan Blackhawk cylinder heads. Water pockets are positioned around the exhaust face, the end walls, and above the combustion chamber of the cylinder heads – which means each pocket has an in and out flow to avoid stagnant water.”

The engine block features a 4.800” bore space, 10.725” standard deck, allows for up to a 4.500” bore, and has water flow on both sides of the bore. It also has up to a 65mm camshaft and has -16 (dash 16) water inlet and outlets. The engine is available in turbo, roots blown, and screw blower combinations.



The 4.900” bore space Noonan Hemi has been designed for the NHRA Pro Mod, PDRA, Outlaw Pro Mod, and Tractor Pull markets.

The 4.900” bore space Noonan Hemi has been designed for the NHRA Pro Mod, PDRA, Outlaw Pro Mod, and Tractor Pull markets. The engine was developed from a clean sheet of paper, with the concept evolving through consideration of the best features from all current Hemi combinations currently available on the market and the combining of these into one with the ultimate goal of creating greater horsepower than what is currently available.

The innovative raised-port-height cylinder head can be removed without the need to take the manifold and supercharger off the engine. The cylinder head maintains 18 degree intake and 21 degree exhaust valve angles to minimize chamber volume.

Apart from the obvious 4.900” Hemi bore spacing, the engine also boasts a 1.250” raised cam, 70mm roller bearing cam tunnel. It has a maximum bore size of 4.610” with a 3.250” spread lifter bore.

“With the spread lifter design we not only gain the freedom to maximize the port flow, but the resulting improvements in valve train geometry also contribute to major gains in horsepower and reliability. This engine is destined to be a game changer!” said Noonan.

The Noonan 4.900” bore space Hemi is available with combinations for turbo applications and roots and screw supercharger combinations utilizing mechanical or electronic fuel injection.



Noonan Ultimate Race Engineering is one of Australia’s premier race engine building and development facilities and a world leader in billet component innovation. In addition to its headquarters at Yatala (Queensland, Australia), the company has opened a U.S. location in Lindon, Utah, to keep up with development and service of its world-renowned line of products. Their track-proven products were utilized in 2016 during the NHRA Top Alcohol championship-winning efforts of Joey Severance and Jonnie Lindberg, and by nine-time Australian Top Doorslammer Legend – John Zappia.

Offering engine components for motor racing including drag racing, tractor pull, drag boat racing, and the diehard enthusiast wanting the competitive edge over their opponents, Noonan Ultimate Race Engineering is committed to putting racers first. For more information, visit {{}} . You can also follow on social media platforms such as Facebook (Noonan Race Engineering) and Instagram (@noonanraceengineering).