Noonan's New Billet LT Block Goes in Like Stock, with Solid Block Strength

Noonan Race Engineering is proud to announce its new billet LT block, providing the ultimate Gen 5 small block platform for the street and the drag strip.


Listening to the needs of customers, Noonan Race Engineering has taken a new approach for the billet LT, retaining much of the original engine architecture but adding billet strength. Noonan Race Engineering shop manager Darrell Makins said the innovative approach allows stunning flexibility for the platform.



“Our original LS billet block was external oil pump only, this next generation LT billet block will take factory oil pump systems,” he said. “We have kept the factory bolt hole positions and that means car builders who want the air conditioning and power steering and everything on their big horsepower engines can do that.”


For those who need more serious lubrication systems, the Noonan LT block continues to deliver.

“This block has all the internal dry sump oiling of the factory block, plus it has external passages if you want to run a Dailey or Moroso dry sump for example,” Makins said.


Noonan Race Engineering has been a leader in developing water-jacketed billet blocks that keep the ultimate performance engines cool, such as the radical supercharged Hemi in Richie Crampton's Drag Week 57 Chev. The billet LT block follows in the same footsteps.


“It has our own cooling circuit, designed in house, and it is a little different. All of the cooling is machined into the block, which has our own design sleeve as well,” Makins said. “With the new cooling system we have designed we have an engine that goes in like stock, with the strength of a solid block. It's a truly liquid cooled, high horsepower design.”


The Gen 5 LT engine from General Motors represented an evolution of its small block platform, leaving behind the venerable LS series. Noonan Race Engineering has aimed to keep all the benefits of the factory innovation with subtle changes suited to those seeking the highest performance.


“The only thing that is really the same between the LT and the LS is the bore spacing and the crank tunnel dimensions,” Makins said. “The Noonan LT block will be included with a billet valley tray adapted for the GM lift pump, and it also includes a billet rear cover due to the lift pump. All your factory lift pump components will still bolt on. Our block is a raised cam design for the guys who want to run some more stroke as well.”



9.240" Standard Height

.388" Raised Cam - LT Timing Chain 

4.100" Max Noonan H20 Sleeve

.842" Tie Bar Lifters

6 Bolt Head Pattern

1/2" | 3/8" Stud Holes

Priority Main Oiling

LT Type Oil Pump

Factory LT Mounting Holes


About Noonan
Noonan Ultimate Race Engineering is a premier race engine building and development facilities and a world leader in billet component innovation and boasts a growing presence in the US market. Offering engine components for motor racing, including drag racing, tractor pull, drag boat racing and the diehard enthusiast wanting the competitive edge over their opponents, Noonan Ultimate Race Engineering is committed to putting racers first.