Noonan Releases Nitro V-Twin Hemi to Curious Racers

Noonan Race Engineering is proud to announce it will be making its billet V-Twin Hemi available to the public for the first time, providing a new opportunity for nitro V-Twin drag racers around the world.

When Noonan Race Engineering releases any of its products, there are thousands of hours of research and development that have gone on behind the scenes. The Noonan 4.9 Hemi changed the game for blown alcohol drag racing, but the research for that motor is actually what drove the unique development of the Noonan billet V-Twin Hemi, according to Noonan Race Engineering shop manager Darrell Makins.


“The billet V-Twin Hemi is basically our V8 Noonan 4.9 Hemi cut into a quarter,” he said. “We originally designed this engine for dyno and Spintron work, the reason being that you can do more research with the same resources by using two cylinders as you can by running a whole V8 engine. You see it a lot with Formula One and the OEMs as you can run four tests for the cost of one on a V8, giving us added knowledge.


“The Noonan billet V-Twin Hemi was designed for this research, and then we had some racers hear about it and ask if it was something we'd be interested in making available!”



While the Noonan billet V-Twin Hemi has a much different origin to many of Noonan Race Engineering's creations, its workhorse nature means it will provide a stunning base for keen motorcycle drag racers.


“We have manifolds designed for supercharged and turbo, but we know our customers are looking at the nitro ranks,” Makins said. “This should be a little smoother running than the Harley-Davidson design, plus we can put in thicker architecture and a better breathing cylinder head.


“It has all the attributes of the Noonan 4.9 Hemi, and it can come suited for the big valve or small valve heads. We might have designed it for ourselves but when people heard about it, they wanted to have it.”


V-Twin Hemi Specifications: 

4.565" Bore

4" Stroke

3.300 Spread Lifter

1.062" Lifters

70mm Camshaft - 3 Journal

2.400" Intake | 1.900" Exhaust

131 Ci



About Noonan
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