Noonan Race Engineering has created the world's first one piece billet aluminium injector hat, providing a cooler intake charge, more consistency and easy customization of your intake, for your needs.

The Noonan billet injector hat is crafted from American 6061 aluminium and features an inbuilt spray rail, designed to introduce fuel to the intake charge as early as possible. The all-aluminium construction also provides additional cooling compared to carbon fiber materials.

“By using fine jets to disperse fuel evenly through the incoming air, the hat helps cool intake temperatures as soon as the air is drawn in,” said Jamie Noonan, the co-owner of Noonan Race Engineering. “Everyone knows that cooler, denser air means you can burn more fuel and make more power and we believe injector hats have been overdue for a redesign.”

Thanks to Noonan's advanced design, the billet injector hat has a comparable weight to existing carbon fibre model. The rigid billet construction provides better drivability, ensuring consistent opening and closing of the butterflies with no more jams or poor seals.

“The best teams know that the ideal set up is repeatable, fine tuned to the thousandth,” Noonan said. “Refined, supercharged engines rely on predictable behaviour to deliver the best performance and the Noonan billet injector hat provides that.”

At 103 square inches, the Noonan billet injector hat has the largest opening of any hat on the market and takes maximum advantage of international competition rules.

“The Noonan billet injector hat is designed for peak performance straight from South Carolina, but the aluminium material provides greater flexibility for teams to make their own injector hat modifications, allowing horsepower innovators to push the boundaries of speed,” Noonan said.

Cool your charge, gain consistency and test your own performance creativity with the new Noonan billet injector hat, the ultimate in race engineering.


Noonan Race Engineering will have the new billet injector hat on display and available to order at the PRI Show in Indianapolis, December 12-14.  Stop by Booth #2237