Noonan Expands To Second Building With Engine Technology Facility

Noonan Race Engineering is set to enter a new phase of expansion, as work continues on a new Engine Technology Facility adjacent to their existing Spartanburg, South Carolina base.

Since the firm’s move to the east coast of the USA in 2017, the focus has been on ramping up manufacturing for their range of high performance billet products, including cylinder heads and engine blocks, as well as their industry-leading 4.9” Hemi. As the rows of CNC machines multiplied, space was at a premium, and Noonan Race Engineering owners Renee and Jamie Noonan knew they needed to look towards the next step.

 “When we moved to the USA from Australia, much of our engine testing equipment such as Engine dynos, Flow Benches and Spintrons were mothballed so we could concentrate on the manufacturing side of the business,” Renee explained. “Now that Noonan Race Engineering is well-established here in South Carolina, we knew it was the right time to expand on the facility we had.”

The timing proved perfect, as the building next door to the Noonan manufacturing plant came on the market. Now, rather than having to construct a completely new facility, a short walk has the team firmly within the freshly refurbished premise.

 “Manufacturing will stay where it is, while the new Engine Technology Facility will house our engine builders, design engineers, along with the research and development team and equipment. This means on the manufacturing side, where we’ve installed two new full simultaneous five-axis CNC machines this year alone, we can supercharge the layout without being concerned about squeezing in another department”.

 Renee expanded further, saying, “It has always been in the plan to get our engine test equipment back up and running. Jamie is like a kid in a candy store with all of the machines coming back online; the whole team is very excited.”

 While Noonan’s core products will naturally find their way moving through the new Engine Technology Facility before being presented to the market, this highly advanced facility also represents a valuable opportunity for other vendors and racers to collaborate closely with Noonan Racing, on mutually beneficial research and development projects – whether that be with racing related products and services or to assist with bringing new innovations to market; all completed with the highest level of confidentiality.

The Facility will house a complete set of engine validation equipment, together with an array of industry experts with multiple years of race proven knowledge.  “Having direct access to this level of expertise and being able to conduct tests in controlled environments with honest feedback will be a game-changer for both industry vendors and racers alike,” Renee said.

Outright horsepower figures and reliability are one thing, but Noonan Race Engineering are leading pioneering research into emissions, with the goal to manufacture production engines that not only provide an edge in performance but can also meet environmental standards. “There’s no question that there is more attention on emissions than ever before. We are gearing up to learn more about how emissions relate to power and reliability so we can stay ahead of the curve in this space.” 


About Noonan
Noonan Ultimate Race Engineering is a premier race engine building and development facility and a world leader in billet component innovation and boasts a growing presence in the US and international markets. Offering engine research and development and core components for motor racing, including drag racing, tractor pull, drag boat racing and the diehard enthusiast wanting the competitive edge over their opponents, Noonan Ultimate Race Engineering is committed to putting racers 1st.