Noonan Returns to Circuit Racing

Porsche has a reputation built on success in international motor racing and has carved its name on every major racing event in the world.  The cars, designers and drivers are one of a kind, making racing an essential part of the Porsche brand.

So, when Carl Tallardy from Renn-Link approached the Noonan booth at PRI in 2016 he was greeted with enthusiasm and excitement from the Noonan team.  “We’d been looking around many potential manufacturers, but it wasn’t until we approached Renee Noonan at the Noonan booth that there was any real interest to develop a new engine casing” said Carl.  “Our problem was not being able to buy an engine anywhere as Porsche had stopped making them”.

Tim Carey (who maintains the Porsche for Carl) provided some insight to the dilemma “we had to scour the market for used engines, get them machined and / or repaired and then rebuild them for racing.  Typically, they would break about every 25 - 30 hours or so.  So, we were desperately looking for an alternative”.

And the result couldn’t have been any better, “soon after PRI we sent Noonan a broken casing and used parts and from that they designed a new block which we approved.  They built an aluminum prototype for us which we tested for a season and half (about 60 hours) – with NO issues at all.  At 25 hours of use, we took it out and thoroughly inspected it, put it back together and back in the car as is.  Our next benchmark will be at the 50-55 continuous hours mark, and that’s mainly to check the turning parts!”.


“We consider the project a complete success and Noonan have now released the product to the open market.  We found the communication was excellent and would consider our partnership being a great relationship; we couldn’t be happier” Carl wrapped up, “if only all projects could run this well” he laughed.

About the Porsche Engine Case

Noonan delivers a replica world first all Billet 911 Porsche case, bringing the almost extinct engine back in a more reliable and race ready application.   The Noonan Billet 911 Porsche case has been developed utilizing the 911 Porsche cast architecture and brings a new level of strength and rigidity to extend engine life for endurance road racing applications or the diehard Porsche restorer.

Noonan Race Engineering are looking forward to PRI 2018.  PRI allows the showcasing of all new artillery to current and prospective customers, as well as the world’s media.  In addition to the Billet Porsche Case, we will also be launching a new edition to the Noonan 4.9 Hemi product line.

We’ll be located in the Green Hall – Booth 2237 (see below).


Contact: Debbie O’Rourke, Noonan Race Engineering. Phone: +1 (864) 754 4111 Email: