“Just That Little Bit Faster” – Steding Pushes to First PDRA Win

Noonan Race Engineering convert Kurt Steding is riding high after he claimed his first PDRA Pro Boost victory in Virginia on Saturday, following a Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association victory in Maryland last weekend.


Pennsylvanian Steding used a 3.719/201.49mph performance in the final round to defeat Jason Harris' 3.733/190.81mph, in what was just his second event with a brand new Jerry Bickel-built 2020 Camaro, armed with a Noonan 4.9 Hemi.

“The car drives real nice and it is everything we thought it would be,” he said. “It was unbelievable, especially to be two in a row bringing the car out for the first time.”


Steding made the decision to switch to a Noonan motor last year, commandeering Todd Tutterow to build the combo after Tutterow assisted him with a change to an auto transmission. The reason for the switch was pretty simple according to Steding.

“It seemed like everybody who was running a Noonan was going a little bit faster,” he said.


The victories of the last two weeks have been a timely boost for Steding, who has enjoyed much success in his drag racing career but struggled in the early part of last year after breaking his foot.

“I started drag racing about six years ago and the very next year I went into Pro Mod,” he said. “In 2018 we were in 12 finals out of 14 events, and nine of them we won.


“I used to run a clutch but then I broke my foot and it created big issues in 2019 with getting my foot right, so I had to get rid of the clutch. That is how we hooked up with Todd Tutterow last July, as he put an auto in my car, and then we won the race first time out with Todd with the auto.


“After Todd put the auto in I said, 'Build me a Noonan.”


Steding has built a team full of experience and said it makes his job as a driver much easier as he aims to rack up some more wins in the PDRA during this season.


“Todd's crew and my crew mixed together are just awesome. To have that help and support as a driver is great and it is truly a team effort. We are going to continue running the PDRA events and we have a local race coming up in two weeks.”

Noonan power was in full effect across the USA over the weekend, as Eric Gustafson also notched the NMCA Pro Mod win against Adam Flamholc in an all-Noonan final round at US 131 Motorsports Park in Michigan.


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