Noonan LS Edge Stays Cool On Street-And-Strip Challenge


Noonan's water-jacketed LS Edge block has proven tough enough to tackle even the most challenging of conditions, with Terry Seng using Noonan power to win 2019 Street Machine Drag Challenge Weekend in Australia.

Street Machine Drag Challenge Weekend is a similar event to Hot Rod's Drag Week and required Seng's Holden VC Commodore to contest three days of racing in a row, with the car driving from Willowbank Raceway to Warwick Dragway and back again on public roads.

Seng said the Noonan LS Edge block handled both racing and road conditions incredibly well.

“This engine is brilliant in every aspect, I don't think we could put anything better in the car,” he said.

“The Noonan motor is the best alloy LS block available. It handles the power we want to make and keeps us 80 to 100 pounds lighter than anything else.”

Seng ran as quick as 7.41 and as fast as 190mph, all while maintaining the reliability and cooling needed to make the street miles between the tracks. Seng's faith in Noonan's engineering allowed him to drive with more freedom than ever before.

“The cooling system works brilliantly,” he said. “We drove through the middle of the day, which we don't normally do, and the motor did it comfortably.

“We were cruising at 3000rpm on the highway and cooling was never an issue. When we were in traffic at times or getting some hot air from cars in front the hottest it ever saw was 190F. Most of the time it was around 176-178F while we were in open air.”

The awards for Seng's performance including quickest outright ET of the event, fastest outright speed of the event, quickest overall time of the event (across three days), quickest LS and a win in the Radial Blown class. All this from a motor that Seng said he was simply putting through its paces! 

LS-Edge Waterjacketed Engine Block

“The engine is actually for my other car I have built, which we plan to take to Hot Rod Drag Week in the USA, perhaps next year,” he said. “We thought we would put it through its paces and make sure everything would do what we needed to do. I can't wait until I get it into the other car now.”

To find out how a water-jacketed Noonan LS Edge block could suit your car for Hot Rod Drag Week or any other purpose where cooling is a priority, email or call the shop on +1 (864) 754 4111.


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