Down Under Success for Dack's Noonan-Powered Doorslammer

Western Australia's Marty Dack was crowned the Westernationals Top Doorslammer champion on Sunday at Perth Motorplex as Noonan Race Engineering's list of successes in 2020 grew even longer.

Dack's stunning Ford Mustang rolls with a manifold-to-pan Noonan 4.8 Hemi including a 509ci short deck block and Noonan SX90 cylinder heads. Equipped with a PSI screw supercharger, the Dack Attack Motorsports slammer has been into the 5.7 second zone over the quarter mile.

After taking on some ignition gremlins in qualifying where Dack snuck into the eight-car field on the bump spot, race day turned around for the team.

“With changing to the MSD Pro 600 CDI we have been assessing our changes with a fine tooth comb and we believe that we have established the differences that this set up requires versus the conventional magneto-style ignition,” he said.

“Sunday came together on a different scale. There was a lot of luck involved, but the lows of Saturday made Sunday so much greater. It was truly a memorable day, from only getting the car running 20 minutes prior to round one, to then taking out the #1 qualifier and fellow Noonan-powered opponent Kelvin Lyle, that is an achievement by itself.”

Dack made the switch to Noonan power as he was battling to find consistency with previous combinations, plus there was some pride in taking on the Australian-designed product, which is now manufactured in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

“If you want to be the best, you must run the best, and we believe that with in today's age of engineering advancements Noonan have stayed ahead in the R&D game,” he said. “We are always looking at new ways to make our cars better and Jamie, Renee and the team at Noonan do that the best. To align our program with those who have the same goals is a no brainer.

“We have had the best time since switching to Noonan parts. We have been customers since they were based in Australia, and when we decided to go next level it was smooth as silk; they have helped us with any small asks we have had.”

Dack said his Mustang was still at the beginning of its development curve and he is looking forward to exploiting its full potential.

“We have only been working on our first half of the track, and we are still up to 10-15% rich in our fuel system. We believe that we can run low 5.7s to high 5.6s as is.

“The car is still reasonably conservative. The combination makes far more power than we anticipated and has taken a whole new approach to what we were used to. We believe that in time we can take it to the big guys and hit the home run ETs from time to time, but we are in no rush – the one percenters will follow and the scoreboards will show.

“We are looking to do a little more testing before starting our Australian east coast swing in the winters months. This will include the Winternationals in Queensland, Nitro Up North in Darwin, Jamboree in Queensland and possibly some other events before we come back home to start the west coast season again.”

Noonan Race Engineering congratulates Marty on his Westernationals win. If you want to make the switch to a proven product for winners like Marty, then get in touch with Noonan Race Engineering today.