Centrifugal Supercharger World Record Set by Hard Racing's Noonan/ProCharger Pro Mod

Kevin McCurdy stormed to a new centrifugal supercharger world record on Saturday, September 5 at Maryland International Raceway, clocking an incredible 5.521 second pass in the Hard Racing Camaro Pro Mod.

Hard Racing made the transition to Noonan Race Engineering motors and ProCharger superchargers over the summer and haven't look back since, setting door car racing alight with some incredible performances. Since August the team have been steadily lowering the record, with McCurdy's team mate Tyler Hard breaking into the 5.7s and then the 5.6s in his Camaro.

McCurdy had been concentrating on eighth mile racing but joined Hard for quarter mile combat as the team rounds out their season.

“Tyler's car and my car are identical, they have the same chassis, same Haltech management, same ProCharger,” McCurdy said. “We ran Tyler's car at three quarter mile events and every time we tested we made strides forward.

“Tyler's car got finished in the middle of July and mine got completed the weekend before Labor Day so we don't have a lot of runs yet. These last two races we wanted to run them both on the quarter mile.”

Hard Racing was rewarded for their hard work in the summer yet again as McCurdy went on a rampage, showing bracket-car consistency as he recorded passes of 5.521, 5.545, 5.567 and 5.568. The speeds were just as amazing, with a best of 259.46mph – also a new centrifugal supercharger world record.

McCurdy said the evolution of the team to the Noonan Race Engineering 4.9 motors had been rewarding.

“I saw the Noonan cylinder heads years ago and I knew they were good. At the PRI Show last winter I convinced team owner Brian Hard to go this route. As soon as he saw the stuff he was convinced. He said it was like jewellery, and it performs just as good as it looks.

“It's awesome gear, it worked right off the bat and we have made no changes to it other than maintaining it. I'm glad we made the change early so we can get out there and be one of the first (with a ProCharger and a Noonan motor). They are fast and it is a good combination together.”

McCurdy previously used a roots supercharger. He said since the switch to Noonan motors with ProChargers and Haltech management had been a smooth one.

“A lot of the basics are the same, and for the EFI we have had Patrick Barnhill helping from PTP Racing. He has been behind the keyboard on the fuel injection. It is an awesome relationship with him. We are trying to run it in a similar RPM range to the roots, so I have been maintaining it the same as the roots stuff and the motor came apart looking great.”

If you are looking to make the change to a centrifugal supercharger, get in touch with Noonan Race Engineering to discuss how the South Carolina-based company can provide engines for maximum horsepower and reliability.

Images - Hard Racing Facebook