Noonan 4.8" Alcohol

Our Championship winning Noonan 4.8" Hemi package consistently proves to dominate Top Alcohol and Promod race categories internationally.  With back to back proven consistency and reliability the Noonan 4.8" Hemi is the ultimate powerplant for Turbo or Blown Alcohol racers looking to accelerate their race program.


  • Noonan Billet Hemi Side Oil Pump Location Engine Block. (Front Oil Pump available)
  • GRP Rods
  • Trend Wristpins
  • Clevite Coated Bearings
  • Jesel Lifters
  • Dan Olsen Oil Pan
  • Noonan MACH I Cylinder Heads
  • PSI Springs
  • Noonan Billet Valve Covers
  • RCD Mag Drive
  • Noonan Idler Assembly
  • MSD Leads
  • MSD Pro Mag
  • Bryant Racing Crankshaft
  • CP Pistons
  • Total Seal Ring Pack 
  • Custom Bullet Camshaft
  • Barnes Stage 1 Oil Pump
  • Noonan Billet Manifold
  • Manley Valves
  • Reid or Manton Rockers
  • Noonan Front Cover
  • RCD Fuel Pump Extension