SPINTRON: It has many modes of testing including Valve Train Dynamics, Valve Train Endurance and Component Testing.


ENGINE DYNO:  Noonan can test engines up to 2,500HP, has Individual Cylinder MoTeC PLM sensors, Individual Cylinder EGT sensors, 8 Temperature Channels, 8 Pressure Channels and Oil, Coolant, Fuel & Air Flow meters.


FLOWBENCH:  The bench can also be used to flow test intake manifolds, throttle bodies, carburetors, intake velocity stacks etc.


CAM PRO PLUS:  Cam Pro Plus allows us to reverse engineer camshaft profiles to ensure they are what we expect, and they have been manufactured properly. It also allows us to overlay different cam profiles, analyze lash and rocker changes and study the camshaft properly.


VALVE SPRING DYNO:  The DTS 1600 is an automated valve spring testing package that takes care of all aspects of rating and recording a set of springs. The automation ensures repeatable accuracy.


ROTTLER HP6A HONE:  In the engine machining department we use a Rottler HP6A Automatic honing machine to hone all of our engine blocks to our high standard. It utilizes a torque plate to stress the engine block to the same conditions as when it has a cylinder head bolted to it.


ROTTLE SF7A FACER: State of the art Rottler SF7A facing machine ensures perfect finished faces every time


NEWEN EPOC VALVE SEAT CUTTER: It utilizes a single point cutting system that minimizes tool pressures and results in perfect valve seat geometry every time.


SERDI CENTERLESS VALVE RE-FACER: The Serdi centerless valve re-facer is the best solution for re-facing and back cutting valves..


HAAS VF-3 VERTICAL MACHINING CENTRE: Utilising our two Haas machining centers and some of our own tooling, there is not many CNC machining processes we cannot perform.


MANUAL MACHINING: Our manual machining department includes a large capacity lathe and a milling machine.


ENGINEERING: Our engineering team utilizes state of the art equipment and software to give our customers the best result possible, whether it is designing a component from scratch, or just sonic testing a block to ensure it will perform under the stresses of motorsport.

At Noonan, we can assist you with a range of servicing options.  If you would like to make an inquiry about any of our services, please contact us.

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